Fidani’s choice between tradition and innovation

Fidani Healthy Food represents a notion of well-being that combines taste and nature, fragrance and pleasure, a philosophy embodied with enthusiasm and transformed into a successful business.

The Time factor

Over 20 years invested with passion in experimenting with traditional recipes, engaging in a selective strategy that now allows the Fidani family to present a collection of healthy products that are delicious, exclusive and meet all dietary requirements.

The Organisation factor

How to maintain a craftsmanship approach within an efficient organisation. Fidani’s experience shows it is possible. Incorporating a lifestyle philosophy into its business is a top priority for a company, to be pursued with commitment, accountability and conviction.

The Human factor

Fidani’s human resources are not “employees”, but ‘fairies’, as Anna Maria Fidani always calls them. A detail that should not be underestimated, as these fairy hands craft food, relations, organisation, and procedures. An invisible ingredient adding a totally different flavour to it all.



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