Panettone Classico Mandorlato 1kg €32,00

It is perfect for dessert with methode champenoise sparkling wine, breakfast (chocolate, cappuccino, coffee), snack (classic tea, citrus fruit tea)
  • Description


    Baked confectionery product

    Ingredients: wheat flour, delactosed butter, raisins (sultanine grape, cotton oil), egg yolk, sugar, candied orange cubes (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, ascorbic acid), fructose, natural yeast (wheat), orange peel aroma, honey, salt, vanilla bean. Glaze: granulated sugar, peeled sweet almonds (20%), rice starch, egg whites, granulated sugar.
    It may contain traces of soy and nuts.

    Unit weight: 1Kg / Weight per pack: 1Kg / Pieces per pack: 1